Goldens Bridge Veterinary Care Center

15 Anderson Lane
Goldens Bridge, NY 10526



"We were told by our vet that our dog had a couple of weeks to live, because he had advanced cancer of the lymph nodes. I spent the next day crying my eyes out. A co-worker ,who I barely knew, told me to call her vet ~ calling him a miracle worker. I'm so glad we did. He performed some tests and told us that we had an excellent chance of putting our beloved lab 'Boy' into remission.That was a year ago. Yes, he goes for chemo every month, but never got sick from it. Dr. Immerblum has answered all our questions, always been available, and has been so compassionate along with his great staff. He knows all the latest information. Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou"


Thank God I Found Them   2/21/2007            

"We had just moved into our new home and Saturday at midnight our lab started acting very sick. Looked in the phone book and the town vet refered us to emergency clinic , our second call was answered by Dr. Immerblum . He met us down at his beautiful hospital and determined that our dog had a bleeding disorder and was very anemic. Thanks to his kind devotion and the great staff there Lady has recovered and is well. He continues to treat and monitor her condition with conpetence and compassion. Even our old veterinarian says we got lucky finding him."

-Leigh M



"This man is a saint! Our beloved Boxer, Tiko, who was our "baby" (and a show dog) was diagnosed with Cardiomyopathy at age 8 1/2 and was under the care of another very capable vet. The first week in February on a Saturday (a few years ago) Tiko's health was declining and we were expecting a major snow storm. He went out side during his normal routine and he laid under the bushes as it literally started to snow on him. I crawled under the bush and convinced him that he should come in and rest on the sofa. He was now also refusing to eat. I began to become terrified that he really was not doing well and that we were nearing the end... knowing my 4 y/o probably would witness a really bad health situation of our precious dog really added to the anguish. My regular vet would not make a house call, he would see him at the office. Knowing Tiko was so sick and knowing that any upset could kill him I would not bring him in. Carring a dog of that size would not have been comfortable for him. I was completely desperate and proceeded to call probably more than 20 vets in the area, offering ridiculous amounts of money for a house call with no luck. I was hoping for a miracle visit but realized the reality we were facing. I finally got Steve on the phone (the blizzard was underway) and he said he had 4 wheel drive and he would come out for his regular fee (he wouldn't hear of taking anything extra). Tiko's lungs were filing with fluid, so he helped him on his way to heaven. I can't say enough about Steve's character and dedication to animals, especially since we did not belong to his practice. I will never forget this act of kindness. I happened upon this since I was referring him to my friends who have a new puppy and had to tell my story. It is 5 years later and I still have tears in my eyes. Again, Thank you so much!.."

Brenda, Somers, NY


"We have been taking our pets here for years. Super vets, great caring staff have always gone above and beyond. Techs came to our house to rescue our dog from our car after our house caught on fire and we were taken to the hospital. Saved our cat after she was attacked by a roaming dog. Our family stood in amazement as every member of the staff went into full on trauma mode. It was like watching a episode of E.R. The cat we thought was dead is sunning herself as I write this. Thanks to them all; they really are a CARE Center"



"Really cares which is rare"

Fred W., Bronxville, NY


"I don't know where to begin! I love coming to Goldens Bridge Veterinary Care Center! Everyone is so nice to me! They make me feel special. They take great care of me and Doc is really helping me get my seizures under control. It is the coolest office I have ever been in! I'm so glad my human family switched my doctor. I even like coming there just to hang out with everyone. xo xo [?* coming here* ooops, not easy typing with paws.]"

Niko Jones-Long